Tuesday, 28 November 2017

WALT-write a animal report

Tibetan Mastiff
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There are millions of unique species of animals in the  world, some small as insects some large as blue whales. And this animal i'm talking about is the Tibetan mastiff and it’s one of the rarest and most treasured mammals in Asia! It is a large dog ranging from 71-76 cm in height the mastiffs can be seen completely covered with hair that is  solid black, black and tan, various shades of "red" (from pale gold to deep red) and bluish-gray (dilute black), often with white markings. They can be ferocious predators or loyal companions as people in Tibet,Nepal,Himalayan mountain villages and Bhutan can adopt one for a pet. This dog is by far one of the most largest and spectacular dogs in the animal kingdom.
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The Tibetan mastiffs favourite food consists of Kibbles which are pills that are made of meat that is either baked ,mixed or dried as they are mostly domestic and loyal pets for the people of tibet. They are sometimes fed raw lamb as they can also be property guardians in the tibetan villages in the himalayan  mountains. Finding food in the wild can be very difficult as the altitude is extremely high. When food is scarce they will normally eat whatever they find to survive in the such isolated areas.
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They are considered a primitive breed and live in the Canid family group and they normally breed between December and January. They  have 5-12 pups a year.  Although they are domestic dogs they can still be used for property guardians. Or show dogs as they can still be seen doing today.

Even though the Tibetan mastiff is  loyal companion to the human. They are extremely rare as they can cost a staggering amount of 1.5 million dollars! THat is why you don’t see them often. They are useful to nomads as they are usually for livestock and property guardians as they are extremely ferocious to strangers. They can round up to 1.5 million dollars as they are like treasured pandas.Tibetan Mastiffs are highly intelligent, independent, and stubborn, yet sensitive to human moods.Image result for tibetan mastiff ferocious

Overall,The Tibetan mastiff may be a loyal companion to the human race. Their is still information that is still uncovered from this magnificent beasts of the Himalayan mountains..

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

WALT-describe a image

Everything was silent,except for the dumb fox singing 24\7 " la,la,la,la" as his voice pierced my mind. "Argh!, shut up!" i shouted in my mind. If he says la one more time i will- "la,la,la" Thats it, time to heal that voice of yours, i quickly made a perfect snowball and since it was winter and it was snowing. I made the snow ball and hurled it at the good-for-nothing fox. And ,thump! he fell lifelessly into the white snow covered ground, And suddenly a passerby walked past and saw the lifeless orange furry ball in the snow. " what happened here?" he asked suspiciously. "well, Mr, the stupid fox here had mental problems, so he picked up a snowball and bashed it against it's face, knocking himself out cold, i tried to stop him but i was to late, " the passerby just looked at me and kept on walking saying"what a bunch of weirdos". when he left, it was once again back to the peace and quiet i had been waiting for. The end.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

WALT- to describe a image

Purpose: to describe Audience: Pairs/blog buddies
WALT use a range of descriptive vocabulary
Write one paragraph to describe the setting - The cliffs/rocks, the waves, the sandy beach, the wild grasses.
Remember to edit and uplevel vocabulary. Have you used a range of sentences?
The salty sea side
Fwoosh! The salt hung in the wind as it slapped my face. The wild grass danced in the air as they swayed side to side . Massive waves lapped over each other, sucking in sand as it draws back to the vast ocean. Never before have i seen such a beautiful view of the beach. A massive  rock stood proudly in the midst of the sea. Shiny golden sand covered the whole beach , as much as the stars in the sky.

I gently strided across the beach,just relaxing as i  squished the mushy sand underneath my feet. The freezing water touched my warm feet making me feel icy through my whole body. The sun glared upon the beach,like my Dad glaring at me for not doing my chores.  I sat down and laid on the beach. This is definitely what i would call peace.

I liked the way you use good metaphors to describe objects differently - Jeremiah
I liked the way you explained what was happening in the story  i like good words-Krish

WALT- write a piece of descriptive writing in a limited amount of time

The tallest tree

As Alex walked  through the eerie forest, He caught a glimpse of the tallest tree he’s ever seen,standing out proudly in the heart of the forest.The silence hung in the dead air as he walked closer to the tower of the forest a blast of wind shot through the air ferociously. The sound was like a shrieking ghost as it almost knocked Alex of his feet. He quietly stared at the magnificent wooden giant. Some say it was the spear of the forest giant when he fought the gigantic possum that almost devoured the whole forest if it wasn't for the guardian of the forest.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017